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Kaplan Gore partner Darren Kaplan appointed to steering committee for Oral Phenylephrine

Posted by Darren T. Kaplan | Apr 03, 2024 | 0 Comments

The FDA recently confirmed, the most popular active ingredient in OTC cold and allergy medication--Phenylephrine (“PE”)--when taken orally, doesn’t work to relieve nasal congestion. Despite a scientific consensus by 2016 that PE is no better than a placebo, drug companies, suppliers and retailers took no steps to disclose that to consumers and continued to manufacture, market, represent, warrant, and sell products containing PE with deceptive and false labeling, representing to consumers like you that PE product are effective in relieving congestion. A Multidistrict Litigation (MDL) case has been organized against the makers and sellers of PE products in the Eastern District of New York. An MDL is a legal process used in United States district courts to handle numerous civil cases filed across the country that share common issues of fact. The Oral Phenylephrine MDL consists of multiple plaintiffs from all around the nation who were duped into purchasing OTC medicine containing PE. Kaplan Gore Partner Darren Kaplan was recently appointed to leadership in the Oral Phenylephrine MDL

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